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Welcome to my website www.solarphotography.co.uk.  I have had a keen interest in photography since my school days back in the 70’s. Due to life’s other commitments, I chose not to pursue this seriously for a number of years. Although I did enjoy the use of Bridge cameras for the usual family type shots, being happy with my series of Fujifilm cameras. Last year I decided to move on to a full DSLR, after much deliberation I settled on the Canon EOS 7D. 

In my spare time I am an active motorsport marshal, although while on duty we do not use cameras, I do get to attend some interesting events and on occasions get breaks when I can use my camera from public areas. This has enabled me to get some of my motorsport and aircraft pictures in my collection.

I also enjoy trying to be creative to get some interesting shots. Checking tide and sunset times for effective coastal shots.

I hope you enjoy viewing my professional digital stock galleries and archive images.

All photos are licensed for commercial, publishing or personal use making them suitable for home, business, web sites, as well as publication purposes.